Finishing and sanding printed parts & airborne particulates

  1. When finishing a piece from the Form1 … is a cheap dust mask good enough protection when sanding resin based prints by hand with paper/block? I imagine so.

  2. I presume one would wear a better protection when using something like a small handheld power dremel sander on larger areas of a print … like a half mask respirator.

I am under the impression that one should take precautions same as when sanding wood, as they would with resin … but I’m just wondering what level of protection that should be.

I’m going with #1 and #2 just to be safe depending on what is expelled from the work piece during any post process needed on prints due to support, any noticeable defects, result modifications, etc.



Personally I don’t deal with dust from sanding because I sand with water from the faucet running over my sandpaper and object I am holding and sanding. I learned this trick back in high school during shop class. It also gives a nice slick smooth surface.