Feature to split the layer thickness across entire part

It would be nice if you could select which layers of your part are printed with less quality (100 micron thickness) and which layers will need more quality and a smaller layer thickness.

With this feature, the printing time can be reduced quite a bit while not giving up quality at some features.

Frank, I was thinking about this feature as well. We can think about an option where we can set a Z value linked to a layer thickness (i.e: from 0 to Z1=0.1mm layer thickness; from Z1 to Z2=0.05mm,…).

What I hate is waiting the extra time while the base and support layers that are entirely below the part are printed in the same 0.025, or 0.05 layers as the main part itself

So I wouldn’t really care about fine grained control of all layers - but the ability to set the thickness of the base layer and layers which only contain support material to 0.1 instead would be huge.

Hours off prints by default (or by ticking an option box) - and with no downside …

The base, and the supports right until the first point of the model should be set to print at the 100, or even 200 layer thickness if possible. Anything after that has to print at the set layer thickness. So it will at least shave off 1 hour if printing at the 50 micron setting, or possibly a few hours if printing at the 25 micron setting.

There is no reason why they can’t implement this into the next release of the software :wink: