Fatigue Data For Performance Resins

I’m wondering if there is any fatigue data out there for any of the resins, specifically for the tough one. If not is this something that formlabs could put together? it strikes as something that would be very useful for real engineering applications.


I dont know about a doc like this but I can sheare with you my experiance with the tough resin.

I’ve printed clamps for a tensile machine that is used to tensile part around 20N (2 kg). These clamps have 2 M4 screws and nuts to lock the sample in the clamps. I’ve used it for around 400 samples along the last 1.5 years (squeezed the tough resin between the screw and the nut aa much as i can). It cracked a bit on the corners as it fall to the floor several times but it is functioning very well.

I’ve also printed a round part approx 60-70mm in diameter and placed a hook that I screw in (placed a small hole so it will be straight and tight). I’ve pulled with it around 100N (10kg) for around 100 times and it is good as new.

This is not a pure fatigue test but it might gives a direction for you.

Thanks for sharing, it’s good to see that the resin can take a bit of a beating and not fatigue. unfortunately i’m looking for the data so that I can optimise my design so need some of S-N curve graphs which I can cmpare to FEA results.