F2 Missing Cartridge - Any fixes?

:exploding_head: We carefully insert the resin cartridge into the F2. We carefully clean both the chip on the machine & the chip on the resin cartridge. Sometimes, in order to connect the cartridge & machine, we need to wiggle, jiggle & shove things around.

What solutions have you found? Anyone or anything?


Some cartridges connect if they are lifted an inch or two and dropped into place, others prefer to be pushed slowly and firmly.

The “drop” method is a new one. I hope FL has some sort of official solution. Thanks!

If you haven’t already, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our services team and they’d be happy to take a look to make sure this isn’t a consistent issue for you!


How are you cleaning the chip in the machine? I had to put a cotton swap dipped in IPA on a long stick and shun a light down giving a few rubs as someone advised on here. fixed the issue straight away.

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Hi Formbeast.

Thank you for commenting.
Im cleaning with the IPA & swab also, sadly to no avail. The failure is intermittent. I am very careful with storage, insert, removal and cleaning.


I was very fond of the brand… but this brand is rubbish. Never respond, Form2 only gives me problems, with everyone I’ve talked to. Shame on this brand.

HOW TO FIX:. Put cardstock behind the contacts on the resin cartridge (needs pushed closer to the contacts in the Form2 to read that it is there

I cut cardstock, folded it over and double sided taped it behind the contacts. Fixed 2 tanks this way today.

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