Extend Tough 2000 tank lifetime?

I’ve been using Tough 1500 for a while now but I my parts need too resist a bit more bending forces but I’ve been hesitant switching to Tough 2000 due to the short tank lifetime and the fact I’m only printing these parts about once a week.

How long are people using a Tough 2000 tank and are there ways to prolong their lifespan?

Hi @Reine,

You can find some suggestions from other users in this thread: Build Tank Low Health Warning. The most practical option would be to plan out the prints you need to run so that they can be done within the tank’s lifetime, although I can understand how this might be tricky depending on your print schedule. Aside from that, you can pour the resin out of the tank into a separate container in between uses. This won’t extend the tracked lifetime of the tank, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do.

Is it possible that future versions or resins or tank films will stop the need for replacement? Like to change the film so that it does not get destroyed by resins sitting on them. (not wearing out from use)

Hi @agiorgitis,

Although I don’t have much insight into what future resins or tanks will look like, I’m certain this factor is of high importance. I will submit product feedback about this to the team to ensure your thoughts are heard.

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For printing about once a week, I wouldn’t care much. For us they are lasting about a year.
As you can see in the thread linked by Jesse_K, the black foam will detach in one area, that you can monitor monthly maybe. And replace every year, that is more manageable than the nominal tank life.



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