ELEGOO JUPITER ---what I miss about FormLabs!

I have used FLs printers since 2017, my first being a FL2 and I now have a FL3+. However, my larger designs required something closer to 9- 11" build size that needed a much larger format. The cost of the FL3L was much too high for me.

At $900, the Elegoo Jupiter seemed like a very reasonable choice for larger models compared to the $8999. FL3L. Even the Elegoo 1-ltr resin cost at about 1/3 the price of the FL Resin was intriguing.

The JUP comes with 1 years’ worth of Chitubox, the PreForm “not-like” slicer program.

I am used to the FormLabs printers that work right-out-of -the-box. You do need a little guided leveling. So too with the JUP except it’s UNGUIDED, more of a guess with levels.

With the FL printers you slide-in the resin tank after attaching the wiper, CLICK. Next slide in the build Platform , lock it down. and then GO.

The Elegoo has a much different approach. You need to work it before you can GO. (there are YOU-Tube videos) First you need to remove everything from the printer by unscrewing the tank and platform. Next, you reinsert the platform. Loosely, unscrewing four screws that hold it in. Turn on your printer and level the platform by lowering the platform support until it hits the bottom of the printer, the UV glass. Third, while holding the platform against the glass retighten the 4 screws. then GO? … not yet!.
Fourth, raise the platform and reinsert/ screw-in the tank. Forgot the plastic film that must be attached to the tank to ease lift up of the print from the resin tank.

The Elegoo cheap resin stinks. I have never thought the FL resin had a stinky smell. Maybe after the alcohol wash but that’s the alcohol. The smell is so bad that the JUP has an electrified charcoal filter inside the JUP print box. It doesn’t work well.

While we’re on the resin, the JUP does not have a resin heater. So if you want the resin at a reasonable temperature you need to wrap the tank in an 80 watt heating belt!

You see why I miss the FormLabs printers.

It not just the printer it is also the Sofware. Chitubox, unlike PreForm, is designed to be used with several printers from a variety of Chinese resin UV printer manufacturers. It has hundreds of variables to control. So many that no one, not even the manufactures, know what parameters to set and how.

There’s more but I have run out of time.


@alan1950 Hey, I am considering getting a new Jupiter 6k instead of a second-hand Form 2. I noticed you mentioned that Elegoo’s resin smells, but how is the quality compared to Formlabs resin? Similar durability?

Also, would you recommend Jupiter for small-scale production? Any recurring issues?

I never knew resin could stink. FormLabs resin really doesn’t.
the JUP has a rear round hatch plate for an exhaust hose to be use for venting.
However, you need to supply the hose and exhaust fan and the hole or port in a window or wall.

On Reddit there have been serious issues stated with regard to the Chinese resin fumes.

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