Easy but Extremely useful: Heatmap showing the "mileage" of the PDMS layer

@ Sam_Jacoby

Thank you for bringing this up! Because this can also obscure other problems that affect print quality.

In my case, my prints were failing frequently and at first I suspected my resin tanks. It had been a while since I got new ones, but of course I don’t know exactly how much resin I put through it even though it’s a poor metric. Also it’s not like I could just look at the resin tank and really tell.

However, it turns out there was a small rectangular bar of residue on the first galvo mirror right in the middle where the laser would hit. It looks like the laser might have melted particles/dust in the air onto the mirror.

But of course, I didn’t figure this out before wasting probably hundreds of dollars in resin and resin tanks, and so much very valuable time. If I had this heatmap, which told me the PDMS should still be fine, I would have gotten to the root of the issue more quickly. Also if you put the laser spot test and the galvo mirror cleaning guide front and center in the instructional materials rather than buried in the forums or unavailable.

The troubleshooting of why parts fail I think is the most frustrating part about owning this machine (Extremely expensive and time consuming), but I think it can be Greatly improved by adding this feature along with a more comprehensive guide on troubleshooting especially for beginners.

Also in most cases, I imagine people would have only one tank per color. So setting the color pretty much handles tracking of tanks. If we want to handle more tanks per color, it can be done in the bottom UI bar next to the color and layer settings.

Hope this helps!