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I have been trying to color durable resin with Cyan Color Pigment. I used ½ (app 58ml) of the bottle provided from formlabs to mix 1L of durable v2 resin. I used a brand new tank.

What happens is that at 0,1mm layer start to break off from each other and they float in resin. It seems that printer solidifies the layer but they do not stick to each other. Usually the first layer sticks to the platform but then it randomly just falls apart. The most I got was 10mm of layers.

I have changed the part and resolution to 0,05mm and it got a little better but not perfect.

Any ideas what to try to use the resin?
Thanks in advance,

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Hi Matej,

The colored pigment is specifically formulated to use with the Color Base resin. If you try mixing pigment into an engineering resin, like Durable, you alter its printing properties and can end up with issues like the one you are seeing.

However, SLA resins are especially well suited for painting. This might be a good option for your Durable parts:


so there is no possibility to color durable resin? Color is a strong word, I would like to make just a light tone, because durable resin goes during short time from white to ugly light yellow - it looks like 50 years old material.
Regards, Martin

if you already colored it , then all I can think of is trying to steep the mix so the pigment and resin has time to absorb together much like ejuice flavoring. Try shaking it alot and keeping it warm over a few days,. shake it a few times a day and let the ink and resin bond after a few days try it again, you could also try using one of the grey settings or other settings to see if they give you better results. It seems like it is under curing. I hear people tend to try one of the grey resin settings for things like this…

If you just wanted to expierement and try a light tone, you could have probably used just one trays worth and a say a teaspoon of pigment and mix it together and probably still have been able to get by. I have mixed all types of resins together and managed to get prints… its probably too much pigment weighing the resin down. Maybe try less if you are determined and see what happens.

And the color of the pigment matters also, so if you dyed the resin darker, this may be the cause of the under curing and prints falling off. You could try a profile set for the darker colors of resin those have a higher exposure time.

If I want a swirl effect with different colors I place a main color in the tray then half a cap of another color and dont mix it. the outcome is random but this causes a muilticolor effect. Finding the correct profile to do this is trial and error.

Some users have had success with dyeing parts after printing. This isn’t something we’ve tried, but you should check out this thread.

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