Downgrading firmware of Form 2 to use Open mode with wiper and heater

Hi everyone! Is it possible to downgrade firmware of the printer to use wiper and heater? What version of firmware shoud I use and where I can get it? Regards.

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The goal of firmware updates is to improve the reliability and capabilities of the machine. This is much of the reason why we don’t keep a repository of old firmware versions as we want to encourage that users work out any errors with our support team rather than downgrade to correct issues.

The firmware that contained Open Mode with heater and wiper enabled saw a spike in bug reports and was removed. We also saw a number of tickets to our support team with errors and failures specifically related to expanded Open Mode settings. This is something our team is currently looking into. The current firmware, available in the release notes, will provide the best print quality and reliability.

which version of firmware can use open mode with heater and wiper? I never heard of it.