Does the Form1 resin bend?

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As the title suggests, does anyone know if the resin prints bend under heat? My course recently bought a form 1+ and I am planning to use it for a project. The piece I have designed (fairly flat) needs to have a slight bend to fit the organic shape. How forgiving is this material to a slight curvature?

Thanks in advance

It melts, so it must also bend. No idea what the temperatures are, but I bet someone on the forum knows…

put your piece into hot water between 40 and 60 C°

i’ve only tested before post cure but with good result.

For full tech specs check this page:

I thought I’ve read that the FL resin scorches rather than actually melts like you would like it to. Which probably will give you some issues.

Thanks for the input guys. I will give the hot water method a try and see how it goes. I’ll pop some images up if it’s successful. If anyone else has discovered a good method please share!


@Iain_Mackenzie, depending on your geometry and how you orient and support it for printing, the part may warp or deform slightly during printing or washing in IPA. The best way to make a slightly bent organic shape is just to model it exactly the way you want the final shape, but wall thicknesses around 1mm thick will remain flexible after printing. If this part needs to match another curved piece, you can also clamp it to your “form” after washing in IPA and allow it to dry and post-cure in place, which may give you the slightly deformed shape you’re looking for.

I would avoid using heat to bend prints. It won’t work. The acrylate photopolymer material does not heat bend the way cast acrylic sheets can be heat bent, if that’s what you were thinking of doing.

Best of luck– looking forward to those successful pictures!

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