Does Form3 only smell bad when it’s printing?

I’m considering buying a Form3, but my #1 concern are the fumes and the smell that I’ve seen so many threads about here. The one aspect that I haven’t heard discussed is whether it smells bad just sitting there or if it’s only an issue when it’s actually printing. My idea is to put it in the guest bathroom and turn on the vent. That would probably solve the problem, but is only practical while the printer is printing, not 24/7.

It depends on your choice of resin. The printer, when off and storing no resin, smells like nothing really – pretty much like any powertool. Some metal, some grease, some plastic, but only if you pay very close attention.

But when it’s on it has airflow, so it’ll smell like whatever resin you are using. Some resins are worse than others.

Venting is ideal but you can also get some improvement from simply covering the printer while it’s working (e.g. with its original cardboard box). If you search the forums there have been several DIY filtration setups.

Has anyone here tried the Bofa 3D PrintPro 3 extraction system/filter?

Looks like it’s $1,150 at Matterhackers and replacement HEPA/carbon media is $200. I wonder what sort of lifetime can be expected from the media.

Some resins also smell when being cured. I’ve noticed Grey Pro does.