Do you use a surge protector in your workflow for your 3B+?

Hello checking with my fellow printer enthusiasts (engineers), Do you use a surge protector in your workflow for your 3B? We are experiencing some form of interruptions that cause the printers to freeze with the resolution being unplug it to restart.

Thanks for your thoughts and Happy Friday

Hey @Innovation,

I’m sure others will share their experiences as well, but some folks us a UPS on their printers in the case of power surges (especially in areas with inclement weather). I can’t recommend a specific brand or anything, but those might be worth taking a look into! I hope this helps.

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If you do a little research, you’ll find that most surge ‘protectors’ don’t really do anything except provide more outlets. Their response times are too high to protect against surges or other anomalies. Some of the more expensive UPSes will provide the protection you’re after. The cheap ones generally provide power backup without any power conditioning.

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Yes understand we would need a more $$$. Thanks for the comment

If you want top safety you should go with an on-line UPS, a good one will be at the 500-800 euros range, giving you 5-10 minutes of print time before power restores.

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