DIY Curing Box Potential Dangers

I just took a cardboard box (6"L x 5" W x 12" H), lined it with foil and used a UV lamp I purchased on Amazon (

My main concern is the danger posed by using a DIY cure box. What are some potential hazards I may encounter?

I am always keeping a timer on, but could there be any dangers with leaving my UV lamp on too long within that box? Also is there any scenario where the cardboard box could overheat and cause a fire?

Sorry if these are obvious questions, just want to be super safe!


I would rather worry that the temperature is not high enough.
Your LED lamp will not output so much heat, so you might not reach the 60° © necessary for a good cure of most resins.
I’ve fiddled with cardboard boxes , aluminium foil, electric tuntables and ovens for a while and rthat was quite a hassle.
Then I looked at other commercially available curing ovens, but they lacked thermal control, so I decided to cut my left arm and get a Form Cure.

I wouldn’t say I’m happy to have spent so much money on what is basically a glorified toaster, but the results are there, and the time saved is appreciable.