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I am thinking about how to improve our forums and community engagement. Discord has become the default for many other online communities. There is already an unofficial server, though only a few people have made their way there.

We could support the Community Forum and Discord together, but it’s probably best to have everyone in one place. If you had to pick one to use, which would you pick?

  • current Community Forum
  • Discord

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If you think there is another good option, please comment below.

With Discord you are at the beck and whim of an external source you have no control over

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I’ve never understood discord as a “support” channel where solutions get “lost in the wild” as fast as 2 type a brief chat togheter…

I personally hate it.

One question: Why???

Funny how I connected 2 weeks ago via LinkedIn with the Director of Communications of Ankermake to beg him to setup a community forum with Discourse (this forum) to clear the mess the unofficial Discord channel is.

I have never ever used something more useful as support as this Formlabs forum. I didn’t know it until 3 years ago. Everything has been intuitive, clear, a pleasure to use, it even pre-finds possible previous related threads while you are typing your own questions.

Whereas I will never ever understand why on earth could someone come up with something as convoluted as the Discord concept. For me it’s just crazy but I guess if you grew up with it…

I would like to know what you think needs improvement or why is the engagement related to the forum software. But I would give a million votes not to be pushed to change to Discord.


I would highly recommend setting up a Discord. Though i guess from the few responses that are here are all older folks and have trouble understanding how to use it. You may have to hire some people to monitor it so that way things don’t get spiral out of control and have someone available out side of that it would be huge and i really think you should NOT listen to these older people and make one. Why not both anyways? I think you will find over time the Discord would be way more beneficial for both parties. Would make helping each other out much quicker and easier and answering simple support questions as well. Most people here must be super old school and just stubborn not to change but i bet you anything that even if you don’t make a Official Discord now you will eventually.

I’m not against having both, but it should not be Discord only for the reasons I have previously stated.

I’m not sure if you’re trolling, but I’ll humor you anyway.

  • What makes you assume these people are old?
  • Do you understand how a forum and a Discord server actually work?

It seems to me you’re the one who does not understand.

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