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Hi! I’m designing some pieces that will need to fit together using some slots and tabs that will insert into the slots, but I’m guessing that if the slot is let’s say 5x5 mm and the tab that goes inside is also 5x5 mm the tab might not fit, is there any guidelines about how much smaller something need to be to fit tight into something else? Like when you make a screw that will go into a bolt, I guess you just don’t make the thread on the bolt the exact same size than in the screw right? There must be a minimal difference so one thing can slide inside of the other?

I hope my question make sense.


The Form1+ can make a feature 0.3mm in cross section, if I am understanding what I read correctly. So any gap between parts that is equal to or greater than that should work. I have had success with 0.1 mm between moving parts.

Hi @Victor_Wolansky,

I agree with @TemujinKuechle 0.1mm clearance is a good place to start.

Also have a look at the design guide by FormLabs - Download LINK

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Thanks! As I want these pieces to hold together just by pressure, I think I will make them a bit conical, so one can fint inside of the other one and the with a bit of pressure stay together. I’ll post some photos when I’m done.

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