Customize Adaptive Layer Thickness!

I’m making high vacuum parts with my Form 3. When I started I was making all my parts at 25 um to get smooth o-ring surfaces that can hold a vacuum. I wasn’t happy with the lack of customization of the adaptive layer setting, so I tried to fix it. I added a small part to the build platform that has ‘complex geometry’ at the layer height range of the vacuum sealing surface. I was successfully able to force the adaptive layer to be 25 um where I need it.

The part has a very fine wave pattern on a vertical surface. At first I tried just a part that has a large overhang, but it only seems to care about fine detail. Before the ‘wave’ I also tried a zig zag pattern, but that did not work as it is technically just a bunch of small overhangs.

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The first prints turned out great!..

Realize however that this has limited application in that you can only enforce layers to be equal to 25 um. With some tweaking and playing around with the design of the added part you might be able to force adaptive layers to be less than or equal to a certain value other than 25 um.

When I was making a parametric version two of my ‘Adaptive layer tool’, I noticed that a radius of 0.05 mm forces adaptive layers to 25 um while radii of 0.025 mm and 0.001 mm don’t- as if too fine of “detail” is completely ignored.

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