Custom Injection Molding Prototypes

Happy Holidays and hope 2017 is a Great One !!

We are a small custom Injection molding company at has provided 3D printed models for the past four years.
This month we have built a prototype mold base designed for Formlabe new High Temp Resin to produce prototype quickly.

There was some learning in the 1st part but we are able to take a IGS or STEP File and produce production Injection Molded parts in 24 hours…

Currently, We are looking to produce our second production part soon…

Thanks Bob

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They looks good, which injection moulded do you have??

Milacron hydraulic and all electric Roboshot for 33-55 tons

For got to mention, We can take a dimensioned PDF drawing and reverse engineer for a Injection molded part.


What is your company web site address? How can we get quotes? Thanks!

Hello Matt, We are just starting out with 3D printed molds for Injection Molded prototype Parts .

We can quote finished parts but 1st we need a design file to review. Currently we are putting together these requirements to to stream line the process…

I.E. The best is a SolidWorks file with 5 degrees draft on all outer surfaces…2nd IGS or STEP file…3rd and 4th We could look at a PDF Dimensioned drawing or reverse engineer a STL file / printed model…Just more steps…

Thanks Bob

With the module shown…

  1. Did you do any finishing to the cavity surfaces? Or is the part shown, raw SLA transfer.
  2. I don’t see any hints of venting in the screen capture, or the actual tool (it could be on the other side, but between both images, I belive you show both). not a worry?
  3. Did you use ejectors? Or was it a hand pickout?
  4. How did the insert fit? DID you go line-to-line, or use a surface offset?
  5. Did you grind/treat the parting line/plane… or is it as printed?

… feel free to not answer some or all questions, I’ll take no offense.

Hello SchemeInc

Yes, please do not take offense but I’m not going to share more then 25 years of experience in production Injection molding on this forum. Formlabs new High temp material allows this process to be possible, Thank you.

Our primary goal is to take 3D printing to the next level by providing Real injection molded prototypes for our customers.

We have designed and built a custom steel mold base that will accept both a small and larger size 3D printed core and cavity Insert. The mold base has everything included like ejection, cooling, venting ext.

All we need is a part drawing file and we can do the rest…


No worries. Just a couple more months work on my end.