Custom cookies for my son

My son is a oreo fan, so as my first project with a recently replaced Form 1+ (it’d had downtime while my daughter was an infant, and developed some programs as a result), we made a version just for him!

Everything printed and worked perfectly. Now we just need to get the recipe for the cookie on target!


These look great!

I just want to jump in and mention that our resins aren’t inherently food safe. It might be best to coat these in a food safe epoxy or hit them with a food safe silicone prior to use.

For repeated use, you can make a mold and cast these in a silicone that is inherently food safe. @BJBenterprises just posted up a great tutorial on how to do this.


Hey @Frew what say you on using Dental for this purpose?

Dental is probably safer but still not something we can recommend. One of the concerns is that you can get bacterial growth in the small gaps between layers which will be an issue for all materials. Dental is rated for up to 24 hours of intra-oral contact but if the resin were to be ingested, that’s a bit different.

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I love this…what a great idea! I’ve thought about making custom cookie cutters…but Oreos? That’s awesome. Little guy looks like he’s having a good time! I agree about the food-safe epoxy. Better safe than sorry!

I forgot to mention that, yes, I coated it in a food-safe spray polyurethane. After fully curing, poly is food-safe (but not waterproof).