Cured product toxicity for rodents?

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We are planning to use our Form2 to design play objects for rodents. The resin types are clear, flexible and tough.

There is the possibility that parts will be gnawed and possibly ingested. We need to know if the cured resin product is safe for such a purpose ? Searches of existing topics I have found do not seem to have answered this, so does anyone out there have more information that could help ?

Previously we have been using ABS on a filament printer as we know the properties for ABS.

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Some of the Dental resins are biocompatible, but probably not safe to ingest.

You can look up the MSDS for the resins. If you are willing to let your rodents eat ABS, I don’t think this will be any worse. A better idea might be to print a mold for your plaything and cast it out of a better material like urethane or even an edible…

You could also check on the resins used for aquarium decorations. Not sure if they are chewable or not. Check the MSDS on them here:

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