Cured clear resin stability vs. glycerol?

I’m printing some custom vinyl tubing connectors for CVS research and wish to use Clear resin on the Form 2. Are there any known issues with post-cure integrity of clear resin when subjected to glycerol solution?

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Michael Vickery

We have actually used printed parts with glycerol at Formlabs and haven’t found any problems with compatibility. In case you are curious why we do this, it’s because glycerol makes a nice substitute for resin when you want to test prototypes of components that will contact resin like resin tanks and cartridges :slightly_smiling:

Perfect! Thanks Max-- that’s what I call personalized service. Nice to see a CEO on the front lines :relaxed:
The Form 2 has become a critical tool in my operation. It has exceeded all my expectations as has your customer service and support. Keep up the excellent work!

Mike Vickery

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