CTC printer

Has any one any experience of this machine?

Looks like a Form1 knockoff, if your curious if it is worth the savings, then it likely isn’t.

No idea if this new model is improved at all. The first model from CTC was a blatant copy of the original Form 1 and had issues. The software and support were pretty much non existant. I used to see people complain about them on the forums all the time.

This is printer with 2 years guarantee

Glad to know.

I found a review of this machine which included the following:

“The Zhuhai CTC Riverside machine will reportedly be equipped with a resin plate with one of the longest longevity on the market. Key in their approach to the resin place is a special thin film that acts as the plate’s medium (rather than a silicon gel). This effectively separates the resin and the base, and lasts for a long time before it needs to be replaced (months, rather than weeks), thus reducing the overall cost of use.”

Which makes it sound a little more interesting…

That was an old, pre-release review of the Riverside. When it was released it was a total clone of the Form 1/1+. It had a vat with silicone coating just like the Form.

It also had firmware that was either cloned straight from the Form or it was reversed engineered, because it could use the Preform software. Shortly after, something must have happened (FormLabs stepped in??) because they changed the firmware and software and now it sells with Cura software, and Preform no longer works.

From what I hear it’s an OK printer, the quality of output is OK, but not on a par with a Form1+ primarily because of the software, unless you know how to tweak it. Also the quality of workmanship on the printer leave a lot to be desired. Stories of printers that were sold as new, but look like second hand are common, so be ready to do some tidying up. Oh, and their resin stinks (as in smells bad).