CONVID-19 Help

Guys, probably you are aware of “Helpful Engineering” (, which is a group of volunteers with diverse backgrounds helping with the response in shortage of supplies during this crisis.

While there is the usual bunch of project that seems to be not really useful, there are others that are really promising, at top of them a few designs for ventilators.

It seems that they’re in shortage of good skilled 3D Modelers and ppl with experience in Injection Molding. Also, I found out that they are not aware of prototyping Injection Molding with our printers.

So, if you want to join, there is a Slack Channel, you can find it on the webpage, or you can PM with your email and I can add you to the group. And can redirect you to the specific channel(s) that needs this type of expertise.

Also, I saw that there is a rep from Formlabs (Jory Block) in the group. Already pinged him.