Combined support/orientation optimization

I just started a print on a frame that is about 150mm in height, and roughly 70mm on a side. It is a few mm shorter than the maximum build area. It was quite tedious to manually oriented it a few degrees X and Y and then generate supports, see that it exceeded maximum build height, change the orientation one degree at a time on X then regenerate supports, then lower Y a degree, etc, ad nauseam. Factors such as minimum support height, build plate layer thickness, etc, should just be optimized rather than requiring going back and forth between the two user interface areas. I’d love a single click that magically optimized to fit into the build area without scaling but I’d also be happy if after generating supports, I could change orientation and have the supports recalculated immediately rather than having to switch back to the supports tab and generate them again and again.

Here is a short of what it looks like in PreForm:

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