Coloring Clear Resin

Does anyone know how I would go about coloring clear resin so that it is tinted with the color, but still slightly transparent?

Acrylic dyes are the way to go. Searching for “dye” on the forum will yield several results.

@JohnHue does the dye work if you apply after the part has been printed or do you have to dye the resin in the tank? Id rather not dye the tank resin and ruin a whole tank of resin for one piece?

It works after the part has been printed, I have had better results dying before the post-curing operation. Both methods have been discussed here in the last few months.

Do you have a link to those threads? Because when I search for the topics I mostly get threads about dyeing the tank/resin before printing.

I did find one that is promising, but it never showed any further tests or results

This is mostly the one I was thinking about. I think the results with Clear were pretty good and similar to what I have gotten (using DyeMore from Rit Dye), isn’t that what you are looking for ?

This method tends to dye the first few 0.1mm on the surface of the parts so any post treatment that would remove material will alter the result, this is probably why people have been dying the uncured resin.

I was hoping to see more tests or results. Aside from the clear resin results, they posted some of the white too, would have been nice if there was something that worked for that too. But thanks, then I know I was in the right spot at least.