Color Resin - Actual vs. Expected Color Wildly Inaccurate

So I purchased the Form 3 with the intention of mixing a number of unique colors using the Color Kit.

In addition to tried and tested “Recipes,” Formlabs has a Custom Color Picker tool to allow the user to create custom colors from RGB values. While I completely understand the difficulty in engineering such a tool, the complexity of color, and the experimental nature of the product, the results I am getting are so wildly inaccurate as to leave me absolutely perplexed about how to proceed.

I have mixed two colors so far. One is the “Walnut” color, which is a Formlabs tested Recipe. The other is supposed to be a darker green color which is a custom recipe using the Formlabs Custom Color Picker.

Walnut Expected:

Walnut Actual:

Now, one might forgive the lightness in color given the thin walls of my model.

But the custom color produced an inexcusable result:

Expected Custom Color:

Actual Custom Color:

This color had 3 times the black pigment added to it compared to the Walnut color, but it appears as if I added just a small amount of cyan and a drop of yellow to produce an aquamarine or turquoise color. I was aiming for a dark forest green.

Here is the swatch of colors that I had intended to create, using the Formlabs Custom Color Picker to ensure that the expected color could be produced using the color kit:


Can anyone share their experience in getting colors to more closely match? Are the colors I’m attempting to recreate impossible with this product, or do I simply need to ignore the Custom Color Picker recipe and use my own judgment?

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