Color Kit difficulties with color mismatch and strength

I am having some difficulty with the color kit. Using the color recipe generator on the formlabs website, the color of the print is a mismatch. And also the support is VERY strong. I cannot rip it off. Any idea what happened here? Thanks.

As a comparison. Here is a white print with default settings, compared to a color print with default settings. The most obvious place to see the errors is the speaker holes, which are almost completely closed on the color print. Anyone else encounter these difficulties? This is a 175$ color kit just burning $ here.


I would create a support case with our support team with the form files in question as that will give them a good view of why this is happening and help provide a solution - any additional information about your workflow will help give them an idea of why the color does not seem to match.

Trying to base your color off of a monitor is bad idea because it is most likely not a color calibrated monitor and even then professionals have some difficulties. If it was based on a color swatch you had in real life that would at least be closer., but even then it’s not perfect.

My suggestion would be to measure a tiny bit of resin and then add the appropriate amount of the colors based on the amount of resin and then start playing with it to get a similar color. This way you hopefully will not waste a bunch of resin and dye.

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Hmm the resin changes color a lot after you print and cure, and the printer needs a full tray of resin to start, so not sure this is possible to do a tiny bit at a time. Yeah swatches would be nice. Does formlabs offer that?


The Color Kit comes with a recipe book, which if I remember correctly shows various color combinations. This will likely be your best bet in terms of getting a close real-world approximation for your desired color. I fully acknowledge that experimenting with this could be difficult since you’d need to mix enough resin for the print to start, so hopefully the recipe book will provide a more accurate frame of reference for future prints.