Code Error 5

Any idea or solution for this error code?
Read through all similar posts with no satisfying result.
Any idea or feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey there @Frida! Sorry you’re running into an error code on your printer! The best thing to do is contact our support team and they’ll be more than happy to investigate so we can get you back to printing ASAP :slight_smile:


thank you for your response.
I got it solved. The infrared sensor was broken. Measured the board and found the issue.
Unfortunately there is not listing with error codes like the OBD2 codes.
We repair Formlabs printer professionally however error code 5 never shoed up except on this printer.
The other major problem is grounding throuout the whole printer but we also solved this issue too.

Our customers are dental labs and your support here in Germnay for the Form2 printers is lausy!
We tried to get in contact with Formlabs Germany without any response yet. I understand that you want to keep Hungary busy but dental customers don’t have time to wait up to 6-8 weeks to get a printer back and at the end of the day it is a refurbished one. That is not the way we do business here in Germany!
I understand your situatiuon as an American company here but the way you try to run your business here is not the way Germans are used to do business.
You should better listen to your customers especially in the dental field. Since today we overhauled almost 250 Form2 printers with great success. Maybe one day someone from Formlabs Germany will talk to us, maybe not.
We’s re only servicing printers out of warranty and yes, we do have al the proper equipment to measure laser power, to calibrate and adjust the optical and mechanical parts :-):

Best regards
Peter Figge

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