CNC Trade + Cash for Printer


Would anyone here be interested in trading a Form1 or 1+ for a generic 3020 CNC + cash (I upgraded all the hardware to stainless and upgraded the controller that uses parallel port to a gshield controller that’s attached to a raspi 2. This allows you to access the CNC either through USB or web using Chilipeppr. The gshield has less than a hour of usage since I just upgraded it). I’m located in the US on the east coast.



What sort of accuracy can you hold on this thing? I have a larger table top router that can hold probably +/- .003 on a good day, but I’d like to dabble in some more precise work.

My employer is selling a 1+ with all the fixings that I may be able to leverage…

Hey Paul,

Unfortunately my CNC can only hold +/- 0.005 comfortably. However, I have a manual Sherline 2000 that is known to be able to hold tolerance in the range of 1 to 2 mil. Also, converting them is trivial and kits are offered by Sherline directly. Is this unit of any interest to you?

I have too much on my plate to play the retrofit game. And i really shouldn’t be buying another machine anyways. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Hah, I hear you. I originally bought the Sherline 2000 to convert it to a CNC to begin with. Never got the chance because I haven’t had the time. I might have this thing converted by this summer and I might reach out to you again to see if you’re interested!

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