Clementine Diorama

I started this print a little while ago, after finding it on Sketchfab. The artist’s name is Gokcen Yuksek and she has a certain anime style flair in her models that I find appealing.

The first model I downloaded is called Clementine, and according to the notes, she’s a young Victorian inventor who devised a machine to communicate with animals. This model stands out in that it won the grand prize for Pinshape’s Character Modelling Contest, and the prize was a Form 2 printer. The neat thing is that the model was made with 3D printing in mind. In fact it separates into some 15 pieces meant to be printed separately and then assembled.

I already posted some photos of this on another thread, but it felt as if I was hijacking the thread, so I’m starting a tread of its own.

Anyway, this particular model was part of a couple of experiments.

The first one was my attempt at mixing ApplyLabWorks Beige and Black resins to achieve a grey similar to the Grey V2 which I liked. In that, I think I was successful, at least in replicating the color if not the actual properties of the resin.

Anyway, Cementine herself was printed at 0.05mm resolution, whereas the rest of the model was done at 0.1mm. The tubes she floats on were printed using some 2+ years old clear, which explains the yellowing, but I think it will make for a nice effect once the model is painted.

Assembled, the model is 7" long, by 5" wide and 6" tall. Although hollow with 1.75mm walls, the complete model adds up to 208ml of resin, plus another 100ml for the supports, in all nearly 1/3 of a bottle of resin.

The other experiment was testing some new paints. I had previously used Tamiya paints as well as Game Workshop, but a couple of weeks ago I bought some Scale 75 and Vallejo paints, and Clementine is the first model I used them on. I also dusted off my old airbrush and did a mix of airbrushing and traditional brush.

Here are a couple of snapshots of the work in progress. I’d say Clementine is about 80% done. After that I need to do the rest of the model.

More to come…


Very nice job!!

What ratio did u use on both resins? 50%-50%? And v2 grey as Preform profile then?

I used a 2 part beige to 1 part black resin mix. After testing a few profiles, I found that White v1 (the same profile used for plain beige) works best.

I also talked to ApplyLabWorks, and they suggested I try High-temp V1 profile with this 2:1 mix. I haven’t had a chance to try that yet, but I will on my next print. I was a little concerned at first about using that profile as it’s know to quickly age the PDMS, but they assured me that aging happens because of the High-temp resin itself reacting with the PDMS, and it won’t happen with the ALW grey mix.

Very nice! Keep us posted :slight_smile:

Ok, so Clementine herself is finished, next up the rest of the model


Very Cool… I have the same model just haven’t printed it yet… It looks fantastic.

Great job with the painting! We just finished The Entangler by the same artist.

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Did you do that painting tutorial? If so, it’s really good. :+1:

Anyway I’d like to see some photos of the painted models. After all, it’s all about the finished product, not just printing.

Yeah, I did a lot of the writing and photographs and had help from Melinda and Rosser on our team for the actual painting and editing.

I can post up more photos of the finished part. The header image and final image in the post are both the fully painted model.

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It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’ve been busy so it took a while to finish the diorama. But it’s done.

I kinda went crazy with all the metallics. There must be every kind of metallic shade you can thing of on this thing, but I think it looks cool, it gives it that steampunk kind of look.


Amazing work @Dudemeister!!! Probably the nest paint job I’ve seen on the forum.