Clear Resin Cryogenic Compatability

I was curious how it would fail, so exposed my clear resin to a bath of liquid nitrogen (77 K). Unsurprisingly it cracked while chilling down, so now you know based on test data that the clear resin doesn’t play well with cryogenic temperatures.

Because it was fun I then shattered the part.

I hope you made a video for us… I’m not especially surprised that Clear Resin had a tough time with liquid nitrogen. Are you working on a specific application or just having a bit of fun with spare liquid nitrogen? A casting process using pewter or another metal might fare better at cryogenic temperatures.

Working on a specific project, the end design was DMLS printed but the SLA fit check article helped us get through the first few design iterations quickly!

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I printed 4 small containers in durable and they have been used in a lab to hold liquid nitrogen. My researcher reports they are holding up well. These are about 1.5 x 1 inches and open on top.