Cleaning the resin dispenser?

I finished a clear print a few days ago, and that was fine, and left the printer alone for a few days. When I came back to change it to the black tank and cartridge, I discovered that the nearly full clear cartridge had emptied itself into the tank. The tank does not seem to have overflowed, thankfully, but it’s now VERY full.

I set it aside back in its case and loaded up the black tank and cartridge, and now it’s not dispensing.

My best guess is that the dispenser solenoid has gotten gummed up and needs to be cleaned. But how do you do that? You can’t really easily get at it without disassembling something, can you?

I’ve opened a support ticket, but seeing as how it’s Friday night, I’m asking here on the off chance of getting an answer before Monday.

Can you upload the latest firmware and recalibrate the level sensor (there is such function in the latest firmware) - it might help

Turns out that it might have just been a problem with the one cartridge. I did prints over the weekend with other resin types and the issue didn’t recur. I was able to drain the excess resin from that tank, clean it and print with it again.

I still want to clean the bottom of the cartridge holder part of the printer and support has sent me a how-to guide. It looks like a reasonable procedure. Just have to get a metric Allen wrench set.