Casting jewellery


Hello Everybody

After a break, would like to show some pictures with post-curing and casting results.
Tomorrow I upload some more- because need to resize them. they are pretty big.
This is silver 925 band below
printing accuracy was 25 microns. Prints were very nice, but after casting they look expanded to the bottow little bit somehow.

last picture is from cell, so the quality is not so good, Anyway result was OK.
Just different diameters of band :slight_smile:
after casting result was just so so, but I am happy with final result.

Tomorrow will post some more.

best regards


Hey Peter, apparently the new version of the castable resin is not as transparent. They say that it helps spot surface defects.


Peter, do you mind sharing what kind of surface treatment you did on the ring to cleanup after casting? Sanding sticks? Silicone wheels?


The burnout process is extremely important and the kind of Investment used is as well. These look like poor burnout or improper burnout.


sure i can share this information
if you want Ii can make a picture of silicones for you which i use. They are different depends on the polishing surface.
After received casting pieces i had electromagnetic polished than filing from rough to medium , silicones, 4 grades of sanding paper, 2 kinds of flame burs, 3 grades of polishing pastes, ceramic polishing + rhodium plating.

only this i do by now.


Thanks for opinion,
I had a lot of work with polishing of surfaces in that ring because of casting quality.
I am just happy that I had finished it already.
result was better than before.

Maybe i consider to purchase a casting line one day and learn how to do precisely. :slight_smile:
I just wated to outsource that process and pay for service.

best regards


next pictures

eternity ring

one side is ok, bottomis for shaping


silver 925

some surface is very very nice, some is… hm… different. you can see that on the 4.5mm band
maybe also poor investment or burnou process. maybe
but there is a little progress :slight_smile:
less bubbles on the surface
this is another casting company
just want to add important information: prints were very clean. Each one separated in polybag.


14k gold
it is just OK

very small qty of bubbles


here is 18k
3rd casting company.
it was the best one i think.

Today finished the ring.
I feel that I did shrinkage when curing so long time. I didi it too much.

that’s all pictures.

best regards



Hey Peter, apparently the new version of the castable resin is not as transparent. They say that it helps spot surface defects.

Sorry for my english, but could you please extend your thought? I don;t understand it.

thank you

best regards


@PeterG, your English is very good!

The older Castable Resin, when cured correctly, is more “clear,” so you can see through it. The new Castable Resin, is not clear (opaque), so you can see problems easier. I am guessing that you also do traditional wax working with your jewelry? Ferris Wax, or even wax injection wax, is not transparent, so when you create a ring, it is easier to see the design and detail.

See the difference between the clear resin and the red plastic in the picture below? You can see more detail in the red one, which looks a lot like injection wax.


Hi, the castable V1 was very (too) flexible, is the new one different?


Is casting really so difficult as some people claim?

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I recently started doing castings and I can tell you it takes some practice to get comfortable doing it.
I wished it would take an hour or two so I could pour and see the results but it doesn’t happen that way.
I learned to be patience so I can get good results.

Now that I am comfortable with casting I don’t think it is difficult, “If you know what your are doing”:smile:


so just need to fell the machine, right? feel the tools. to become a casting machine :slight_smile:

how many times did you cast to feel confi?

I know that it depends on everything, but just in your case?


maybe one day i try



I did not take any classes about casting. I had read and talked to jewelers that did my castings, that is
how I leaned. I finally took that leap of faith.
First thing, you are dealing with high heat so make sure you have the right equipment so you don’t get burn.

1 de-bubbling the investment after mixing is the first thing and as long as you have good vacuum there is not much to it.

2 burn-out cycle, stick with what is recommended for the resin. If the furnace is manual just keep track of the time to bring the temperature up or down.

3 if you use a digital metal melter just keep an eye until it reaches melting temperature.

I feel those are the major things to understand.
After doing it 4-5 times I felt good about it.


didi you try with the resin of formlabs to cast it in ther way?


this is superb
I think it is short time in to receive positive result.
of course if a person has some basics about that.


ok you gave me faith :slight_smile:
i am closer to try castng process haha
thanks Evert