Casting jewellery


Hi Peter,
I am a professional caster here in Vancouver, I cast all the new resins available on the market…as far as consistency goes? nah!! I have problems with some of my customers. Some are doing a great job providing me with nice and cleaned and well cured resins…but some have no idea how to prepare the resins.
I am replying to you , regarding the purple castable resin fro Formlab.
I have never used it until a week ago…and boy oh boy…my casting looked like a mixture of Swiss cheese and emmental!! LOL!! yes…horrible results. After asking my customer about the handling of his resins He told me that He rinse the resins in IPA for 30 minutes!! then He said that there is no need for curing!! is this correct? Sorry but I have never casted this resin before a week ago.
Am I doing something wrong? or Maybe He is completely wrong!!
Help!! Thank you