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Hi Peter,
I am a professional caster here in Vancouver, I cast all the new resins available on the market…as far as consistency goes? nah!! I have problems with some of my customers. Some are doing a great job providing me with nice and cleaned and well cured resins…but some have no idea how to prepare the resins.
I am replying to you , regarding the purple castable resin fro Formlab.
I have never used it until a week ago…and boy oh boy…my casting looked like a mixture of Swiss cheese and emmental!! LOL!! yes…horrible results. After asking my customer about the handling of his resins He told me that He rinse the resins in IPA for 30 minutes!! then He said that there is no need for curing!! is this correct? Sorry but I have never casted this resin before a week ago.
Am I doing something wrong? or Maybe He is completely wrong!!
Help!! Thank you


Hello everyone…I am new to casting i got most of my supplies…inhave been stacking up on 24k gold bars for 5 years now…and I want to use my bars to cast and make 10k alloy…my question is how much copper and silver do I use if I mix it with a 5 gram bar of 24k…I just want regular yellow gold 10k alloy…not rose gold or white…just to be specific because I know that matters…can anyone help me with the exact weight in copper and silver…i will need to mix with my 5 gram bar to make 10k…??..I also have 10 gram bars and half ounce bars and ounce bars…I would obviously want to start with silver and scrap metal first…then once I get some practice make my own 10k alloy…so if someone could drop all the weight in grams…of silver and copper I will need to mix with all sizes of my 24k bars I would deeply appreciate your time…thanks agian!! Please help…any tips will help as well…inhave been reading through this fourm and it has already been very helpful! Thanks agian!!:call_me_hand::call_me_hand::v::v:


you would likely get a fuller answer on a jeweller’s forum like than here.


Here’s a link , to a calculator
think it should work,
By far better to use a purchased appropriate alloy