Casting in Bronze using V4 Gray and Form3

A few days ago I decided to try casting with the V4 gray resin that came with my Form3. Before that I was using the castable wax and I do my own casting in .999 silver. I’ve been having some of the same problems that have been talked about on this forum.
Without getting into a lot of details I decided to give the standard gray v4 a try. Now in order to save money I used Rio Grande 706051 Ancient Bronze Casting grain. I was amazed with the detail that was captured and the overall results. Not perfect but very acceptable for me I just do this for a hobby as I’m retired
I use Rhino Gold4 for my jewelry and PreForm 3.8.1
R&R Plasticast PV01221 investment with 2.5 inch by 3 inch solid stainless flask with 12oz of investment and 4.4oz water and let set for 6hrs before burnout
Burn out: Rate: 500 Temp: 350F Hold: 1hr 30min
Rate: 500 Temp: 955 Hold 2hrs
Rate 500 Temp: 1340 Hold 5hrs
Rate 450 Temp: 950 Hold 3hrs 30min
I use a torch to melt the Bronze and a Lucas Spin caster long arm for the castings
I live in the Florida Panhandle and We are expecting a visit from Hurricane Sally If all goes well I will try the same items in V4 gray but will do the casting in .999 silver and compare the outcome.
It should be noted that I did not spend any time cleaning the prints or the finished castings as I did NOT know if it would even cast. I cast 2 dragons and a love heart neckless all of them have a lot of detail and fine lines
I would show pictures but do not know how upload them and I do not use the cloud so I hope these show up