Care to print a few things for us?

Hello… We are considering purchasing a formlabs printer, but would love to get some files output by someone further up the learning curve first. We have a variety of ZTL and OBJ files as potential candidates, and would be happy to pay whatever is appropriate for time and material. No post processing needed or desired… but probably some time will be needed in reviewing our files to see how little we know about 3D output…

GOOD POINT in the first response: I am in the US, near El Paso TX… but shipping charges within the US are fine as part of this testing…

That depends, where are you located?
I live in the Netherlands, and am willing to help you on your way!

I do it for hire, if you like I can get you a free quote after I get it supported. I think my price is great, but everyone says that, haha. is my email.

Hi Ralph,

I print files for people interested in the form1+ almost daily. Send me your file and I’ll give you a quote.

My email is mongerdesigns at live dot com

I’m in Cali so the shipping to Texas will be fast.