Can one inspect and alter the print queue?

I’ve uploaded several print jobs to my Form 3, so clearly it stores a print queue.

I had naievely imagined that one could, at print time, decide which job from the queue gets printed next. Or to potentially edit the order. But I have not found that feature.

Is there such a feature?

I suppose if one wanted to revise the queue, one could delete the jobs between the one you want, and the next in queue. But one would hope for something more elegant.

This comes up naturally (for me) as I sometimes try experimental prints that do not turn out well, and would like my revised prints to come out a little earlier in the queue.

When nothing is printing, you can pick a prior or queued print to do next. But I haven’t seen (or tried) to reorder the “prints pending” queue. I’m assuming you tried doing this from the touchscreen. If you haven’t already, it might be worth poking around Dashboard to see if it offers additional functions.

If it is possible I have missed this feature. Will try again soon.