Can I pay you for use of your form1?

Hi all-

My name is Brenna, and I’m interested in purchasing a form1 printer. However, before I make the investment, I’d really like to see one in person and run some test prints, to see exactly what the form1 is capable of. That’s where you come in! If you have a form1 printer, I’d love to pay you to contract a few small designs. If you’re close enough that I could come and watch the printer in action, that would be even better. I’m currently located in Asheville, North Carolina, but I’m willing to drive a couple of hours in any direction. If you’re not nearby, but you’d be willing to print a few things and drop ship them to me, that would work also.

Let me know what you would charge per gram or however you want to do it: flat fee plus shipping, etc. My designs are small- a few grams each.

Thanks so much!


Hi Brenna,

I’m in California, so I can ship them to you. Contact me at mongerdesigns at live dot com and I will give you a quote.