Build made to test XYZ, orientation, positioning,


Printing with 10-20 degree orientation you might get the best sticking to the platform and so on. However, talking from experience with 3d prints, this kind of orientation might actually damage the build when measuring product in micron level. Instead of circles you might get oval forms.

Some devices have a default print build in order to test these misfits, so you would be able to calibrate your device before printing something with precision. Therefore, I’d like to ask if any of you tried to make such build and if so, if you are willing to share the pattern.

Here you go :

Anyway, measuring 3D printed parts at the micrometric level is only going to lead to disappointment. Apart from the fact that the printer istelf can’t guarantee a .01mm precision let alone .0001, you have to remember that plastics have a huge coefficient of thermal expansion which makes micrometric measurement almost pointless except in very specific situations.

If you aim at maximum precision you’ll have to iterate. Take notes of the model orientation (you can’t copy model orientation from one part to another yet, but @Frew said they were working on it… no pressure though :stuck_out_tongue: ) and cure settings and correct the model in your CAD software. You can use XY corrections on the printer and model scaling in PreForm but neither of those options are suitable for precise 3 axis precision over different prints.


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