Brand New In The Box form 1 For Sale (SoCal, USA)

I have a new in the box never used Form 1, one bottle of unopened resin, and the finishing kit for sale, $ 4100.00. I ended up purchasing a higher end machine for RP and do not need the Form 1 anymore. If interested, contact me at The Form1 is ready for immediate shipment but if you are in SoCal I will deliver it direct to you.

So you’re trying to sell it at a profit? You probably won’t get many takers here. Try ebay!

Total cost of ownership of this Form 1 for my business involves more information than you are aware of. Having $3500 tied up in procuring and preparing for this unit’s operational environment and not receiving the Form 1 for over nine months amounts to losses. The Form 1 I am offering is new, in the box, never used and is ready for delivery today. Last I checked the shipping delay for a Form 1 is about four months. This is my justification for my asking price so if anyone is interested contact me.