Blasting a grip like texture

I want to bead or sand blast a print to look more like an SLS print
the product is dyed black after but wanted a gip like feel to it.

has anyone done this or can you recommend how to even begin testing this?
using tough resin.

thank you

I have used the new “3D texture” feature in Solidworks 2019, which is basically bump mapping except it actually generate a 3D mesh so it is really visible on the part. You’ll have trouble getting the exact same surface as an SLS print, but you can get close.

The results visible in this thread are pretty rough, I’m sure you can get the printer to resolve a finer texture.

On the other hand I don’t know if you’ll be able to get the same texture as an SLS print with sand-blasting either. Maybe if you’re using custom medium that is able to create sharp geometries, but it may not be worth the time investment.

If you don’t mind, what’s your end-goal ?

hi John
thank you for getting back to me.

we need to mass produce a component that is hand held and has custom air channels.
the part currently has a lot of smooth areas that I want to add a texture to for better grip and also to have a more uniformly finished product.
I want to then dip it in black dye

black dye bit we know works
but adding texture is very unknown
we also print this directly on the print bed so adding texture to the 3d file might not work as first couple of mm are squashed, but I will try this method also.
thank you

If you need to mass produce something and you “only” need to give the part a nice grip and not something that is strictly identical to SLS, then I think adding the grip before printing is worth exploring. It will save you a lot of time compared to post-processing each parts.

Changes in geometry due to printing directly on the BP can be dealt with. In the last version of preform the first 0.75mm of the part will have identical layers (more details here), BUT the squishing might take care of that almost entirely. The squishing will ultimately depend on the Z offset value and total surface area of the first layers but it is repeatable so if you want to add some material on the 3D model and have it not be visible in the final print, while saving the actual useful geometry, it is possible.

again thank you

were going to try this next week
this would save a lot of time and add profitability for the part.

I know the detail of the form2 are amazing but either we wasted resin on supports or we had a distorted couple of mm at the bottom.

I will keep you update and hopefully have good news
thank you