Black V4 resin and Tank V2 compatibility

I am using Form3 printer. Before I printed on Model and Castable resin, then I decided to buy a Black one. When today I decided to put it in a printer and print a model, the printer does not allow it to be done, says that resin and a tank are incompatible. Resin Black V4. What to do? When buying this resin, I was not informed that it needs a different tank … Moreover, the Formlabs website has information on the compatibility of tanks and resins, and it says that the Black V4 resin is compatible with the V2 tank in the Form 3 printer … But the printer won’t print … Help

Are you trying to put Black resin in a tank that previously contained Castable?

This thread might shed some light:

This tank I’m trying to put Black V4 resin previously contained Model resin. I have drained the Model resin and cleaned it after it. The tank is like new now ))

@gtl mentions here:

A tank cannot be reprogrammed between regular resins and the more chemically aggressive resins

I’m not sure which “family” of resins Model is considered to be part of (Dental?) but I’m guessing it’s considered more chemically aggressive than standard resins so you aren’t allowed to switch.

There’s some discussion about that in the two threads I linked and it sounds like Formlabs might be considering relaxing the restriction. I encourage you to chime in or contact Support and let them know if the status quo created a problem for you.

In the meantime I think you’ll need to buy a different tank.

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Have you tried selecting the screen option: Settings --> Maintenance --> Reprogram Tank?
It’s a bit hidden, and you have to make the change before starting your new print.

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Thank you. I’ll try )

To clear up any confusion if other folks come across this thread, there are 2 restrictions on resin tank reprogramming:

  1. An already used tank cannot be reprogrammed to a Biocompatible resin, as this would void the Biocomp certification (possible contamination from traces of the old resin that weren’t completely cleaned out). So a Biocomp resin can only use a new tank. This is only a 1-way restriction however - you can reprogram a Biocomp resin tank to a non-Biocomp resin (since the tank will no longer be used for biocomp applications).
  2. “Chemically aggressive” resin tanks (Tough 2000, Elastic, Rigid, Grey Pro) cannot be reprogrammed to regular resins, and vice versa. This is because those resins have drastically different lifetimes and calculating the remaining tank lifetime would get tricky.

As rkagerer mentioned on the other thread linked, we will be looking into potentially changing the behavior of #2, at least in one direction, as you could presumably go from a less aggressive resin to a more aggressive one as long as we used the new resin’s lifetime limits. Theoretically it should have worn the tank less than if that aggressive resin had been in that tank the whole time. The downside of allowing this would be you might reprogram a tank to the more aggressive resin only to find out that tank is now actually well past the lifetime recommended for the new resin, but we could warn for this in the UI.


I have already reprogrammed the tank - without problems. Thank you!!!

Thanks @gtl for clarifying.