Biomedblack resin inside dimensions problem

Hello everybody, I work with medical endoscopes devices, so I am printing some very small pieces and after print, the inside dimensions is not like the project. Let me explain better, looking from the front of, the outside diameter of the piece is 8.55mm after print against 8.5mm projected, for the external measurements are ok, but in this same piece I have a channel cutting the whole piece in the middle, and the measures projected was 2.85mm, but after print I have 2.65mm. The whole piece has only 7.5mm of length and also the measures is good.

Someone had this same problem printing with biomedblack resin?

I use all 3 colors in BioMed and noticed the same thing. Although it feels like black is the stronger of the bunch it prints with looser tolerance and in my case the inner diameter needed was to big. Because I design everything I 3D print for me the solution was to adjust the diameter in my model and print again with success. Not sure if this helps you but my hope is that Formlabs will or is working on redefining printing tolerances in Bio med resins.

Hi @Elyon_anjos,

I would recommend sharing photos and the print files with our Support Team. They may be able to narrow down printer or model-specific issues that could be affecting your parts’ accuracy.