Best way to layout jobs on the Form 3L for efficiency

Does anyone have any insight on the laser arrangement of the 3L?
If I am printing multiple parts on the 3L, should I arrange them all on the front, back, or spread them out evenly across the print platform in order to get faster prints?

Definitely front / back.
The 3L has 2 lasers units, one in the front and another on the back. Those are shown divided by the seamline in Preform.

If you have two exact models, one in the front and another in the back, it will roughly take the same time as if it was only one. Although l, if you have only one model (or a specific one that will take longer) you can put the model centered with the seamline which will make one laser do half of the model and the other laser the other half.

Left to right takes longer and the height even longer (the platform needs to go up and down and the laser return to its starting point).

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Thanks! I wasn’t sure it it would be more efficient to split one model across both lasers, or just have it on one side.

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