Apply Lab Works resin review


3:1 mix yields me this color of greyi its much lighter -


That’s quite a bit more than “a bit extra black” That’s probably closer to 3 parts Black and 1 part Beige, not the other way around.

Here is another print I did with my 2:1 mix, printed with the White v1 profile. Her name is clementine and she’s part of a larger display. When I finish the whole print I’ll post a photo of the assembly.


Yeah, that’s more like it. Walter’s is way to dark. BTW, very nice print of Heath Ledger’s Joker.


I finished printing all the parts that make up this diorama. Everything was printed using the 2:1 grey mix. Clementine herself was printed with a resin mix that had a bit of extra beige in the tray when I added the 2:1 grey mix, so she’s a little lighter than the rest of the model

Anyway, Cementine was printed at 0.05mm resolution, whereas the rest of the model was done at 0.1mm. The tubes she floats on were printed using some 2+ years old clear, which explains the yellowing, but I think it will make for a nice effect once the model is painted.

BTW, assembled, the model is 7" long, by 5" wide and 6" tall. All the parts, even though they are hollow with 1.75mm walls, still add up to 208ml of resin. With the supports, it’s just about 300ml worth of resin.


This was one of my top picks in voting for the winners of Pinshape’s Character Modeling Contest. Great job with the print!


Yep, my understanding is that the artist won a Form 2 for this design.

BTW, there are 2 versions of this model, one with the octopus on the platform, the other with a monkey. The rest of the model is identical, so even though I downloaded both, I only printed the monkey so I can swap them if I want to.


Thanks Much appreciated, liking your 2:1 mix might need to give it a try I wonder what the v2 white profile would look like with that mix. I have an empty v2 white cartridge


I love it makes me want to do some prints for myself


Thanks for sharing all this. I have 3 Liters of the Beige and just wasn’t super happy with the results…(Peeling/flash) I will order in a couple of blacks, mix, then try it with your settings.


Very nice work! Did you sculpt the this in zbrush?


I’m not sure mixing the black and beige will solve your problems. I didn’t have any issues with the beige before, nor did I have issues with the mix, once I got the proper profile figured out.

So, once again, if you’re having issues printing with the ALW beige, I would try to solve those issues first. I don’t think mixing the beige and black is going to fix the problems.


I did not sculpt the model. The artist’s name is Gokcen Yuksek, and you can find her work both on Pinshape and on Sketchfab, where I downloaded this model:

I believe she uses ZBrush and Maya for her work.


Thanks, I talked to ALW, Then realized I printed after the “Fast” update that was screwing up everything and never did a print after I rolled back my printer… I read they “Fixed” the problem so I will update my machine this week with the latest Software and firmware and do some side by side prints of my more complicated parts.


A couple of weeks ago, I bought a set of Scale 75, ScaleColor paints, and I decide to use them on this model. These colors are made in Spain just like the Vallejo Paints and are very similar in quality and consistency.

I haven’t got very far as I’m still experimenting, but the first thing I found out is that these paints dry so quickly, it’s nearly impossible to use them in an airbrush, regardless of how little or how much you thin them.

At least it was so, until I found out about flow improvers. Basically this is a liquid that you use as a thinner, and at the same time, it acts as a retarder, preventing the paint from drying to quickly. Anyway, once I started using the flow improver, I was able to shoot some of this paint from my airbrush. So I laid down a fairly decent coat of flesh tone, and I will also do the skirt and hair with the airbrush. Everything else will be hand brushed.

The only problem with the flow improver is that depending on the concentration your paint takes a long time to dry. But it works.

Anyway, here is a quick work in progress shot, while I’m waiting for some of the paint to dry/.


wow she is looking great, if I had a larger space I might try to get into paint


I’m having some issues with the brittleness of the 3 part Beige to 1 part Black ALW resin I use. I’ve have four customer contacts on prints either broken in shipment or when accidentally dropped on the floor.

Any one else had an issue with these resins being brittle to the point the break easy?


my partner did drop one of my mixed prints during paint and it broke a horn but its probably one of the more delicate pieces on the model.


I dropped a 1.25" tall Pokemon pawn off my table saw and it broke into three pieces. The area that broke was a 1/2" sphere, so no delicate points.


I too have had issues with the brittleness of the Grey mix but found it also true of the Olive Grey resin.

I’ve had a few customers either receive pieces 3D printed in the ALW Grey mix and say they were broken and one who dropped a piece on the floor and it shattered. I had him send it back and I was able to CA glue it together again. I also have had issues with any part left on the supports for a lengthy period as they too are quite brittle.

Last, I contacted ALW’s Kevin and he sent me a spec sheet that basically showed Olive Grey had more flexibility. I remember when I printed with it that it was almost too flexible so I ordered a bottle. In the meantime I searched out a few pieces that were totally printed in the Olive Grey to test.

These totally Olive Grey printed pieces had been in inventory storage for 3 months or more. The smaller a hollow brick chimney 1/4" square and an inch and a half long. When dropped on a hard wood floor it just bounced with no chipping or breakage. The second piece of the same design but a larger scale twice the size of the first was then dropped on the same floor, it shattered in one spot.

It seems all the resins harden as they age so even if they are flexible at printing they will most likely be brittle months down the road.


Here are my 2 cents on this:

The ALW beige is the most resilient resin I’ve used so far, other than flexible. I have pieces I printed when I got my first bottle that are still relatively flexible. I also have a a few parts that were also painted with black primer few days after printing that are pretty flexible, so I can only assume the black primer paint is preventing any further curing.

The 2:1 grey mix appears to be a little more brittle. I haven’t broken anything, although I have dropped a couple of parts, but they landed on carpet, so no harm done. The only reason I say the mix appears to be more brittle, is if I remove or try to clean the supports after a few days (week maybe) instead of right after the print is done, I sometimes get a little chipping of the surface. I don’t seem to ever get that with the plain beige.

I haven’t printed anything with plain black, so I can’t speak for that, but I think that adding some black resin to the beige makes the mix somewhat more brittle than the beige. It might be that the mix cures faster/deeper than the plain resin, but I don’t know for a fact.

FL grey resin on the other hand, has always been more brittle than anything I used from ALW. Broken parts, and shattered details when trying to remove supports were always a problem for me with FL Grey and Clear, especially Grey v3.