Anyone in San Diego or L.A. area able to print a part tonight/tomorrow, Nov 17th?

*EDIT: Someone reached out to me and is helping me. Thank you for your interest and support! *

Trying to finish some parts for a prototype I need for this weekend!

I have my Form 1+ going full-tilt, and I have a Form 2 that is dead in the water as I can’t get the firmware to update. Been emailing support but no luck yet.

What I need is to output parts I have sliced up from a larger model.

Key points:
• I am using the Grey resin.

• I am printing at medium res.

• The parts (3 more to go!) are taking about 12-20 hours each. Requires a refill mid-print if you’re on a Form 1+…

I can pay a reasonable fee we agree on to you upon completion, and provide resin if I catch you before you start, or replace with grey when I meet up with you.

The hitch is I have to get this started tonight/early morning if possible! I’m a night owl and I’m in trade show/panic mode right now so I’ll be up and checking this forum for replies. I have the parts and Preform layouts in a Dropbox that I can provide.

Anyway, thanks! I know it’s a shot in the dark but I have to try!

I am offering my form 2 to you with one caveat. I am in Northern LA County (Valencia, CA) and am with out a car at the moment! The caveat would be that I could not meet…either you would have to come to me or send a carrier or something like that. If you are interested my email is

Oh, and I have 2 unopened cartridges of Grey 02 ready to go!

Thank you Kevin!

I found someone and we’re on it. I will likely delete this thread if I can.

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