Any UK Casting Houses Who Use New Castable Wax Resin?

Hey guys,

We are looking to send our own prints for casting in platinum and gold in the UK and need a casting house who will use the new Castable Wax (purple) resin).
Formlabs put a list up for various casting houses per country, and one of the two on that list are Weston Beamor. We had currently been using them to print then cast our models, but I spoke to them about the Formlabs resins and was told:
“is the new wax the purple one? if so we haven’t had any successful casts in it unfortunately, we found the blue a bit better, but that’s still a bit hit and miss.”

I was surprised as Formlabs lists them in their post (which is old so could only have been based off the blue wax anyway at the time), as I’d have thought over the course 3+ years since that post they would now be better than “a bit hit and miss” with Formlabs resins.

Is anyone using the purple Castable Wax in the UK with success?


We have some experience of customers (Form 2 owners) using different UK Casting Houses.

Feel free to contact us on this.

t 0208 498 9900

We’re a UK Reseller for Formlabs