Annular snap fit in flexible

Has anyone done this with the flexible resin (I assume Form 2)? I don’t have a background in mechanical engineering, so the snap fit equations I’ve found online are intimidating. Does anyone have any pointers or shortcuts for this? My annular snap fit is one where either a square / rectangular tube or a circular tube forms a light seal with a female connector. The fluid to transfer is a somewhat viscous gel, so the seal doesn’t need to be outstanding. I’m thinking I’ll do my initial prints with a friction fit and then add a ridge and groove feature on later iterations, and increase its vertical dimension incrementally. Of course, knowing what vertical dimension to start with is guesswork at the moment.

You’ve obviously seen enough and used enough snap fits to have a basic grasp of the techniques. I would say design it just how you see it eventually being, and start testing from there.

If you’re using flexible, you’ll have a lot of leeway.

I would try it with Tough material. I have made some snap fit joints in Tough. I think Flexible will be too flexible.

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