...and now for something different


I do like Sli3r, a lot, but ChiTu Box offers a lot more control over supports, so that’s what I’ve been using.

How do you like the XFAB? I always wanted one, ever since I saw it at a MakerFaire, but I thought the pricing for the machine and consumables was too high.


XFAB is great. I got it second hand with someused vats. Just cleaned one with ethanol. Printed 20x20 calibration cube and it came out 20.00 x 20.00 mm.
Expensive to run and need PC with controler software in order to even open the lid.
Faster than MOAI and just prints.
Great results with DWS castable resin for casting alloy in phosphate investment.
About 320 ml of resin costs 100 eur and PDMS vat about 80 EUR , both prices excluding VAT i Europe


It’s been almost 2 months since I got the Photon, and It’s been printing almost daily. I’ve gone thorough 2+ liters of resin without failures. Technically there have been 2-3, but they were always my fault, I either forgot to refill the tank and resin ran out, or I didn’t have enough supports.

I have printed bags and bags of green resin parts mostly for my Warhammer stuff or some parts for friends. In fact I’ve been printing at such a clip, it has outpaced my ability to paint them. Although I did get to almost finish (98%) one of the first prints, the Arch Lord Discordant. So far I was able to paint the Hellstalker mount.

I’ve also printed some larger models such as Magnus the Red, although painting it will have to wait until I finished painting other models I started.


Very nice!

I’ve been searching for good wings to print for a doll I’m working on; any chance you could direct me to that stunning STL?