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25 microns won’t necessarily turn out better


If you say so.


If you can export the sliced and supported model from the slicer you’re using for the (edit: oops not Moai) Monoprice as an stl or obj or other convertible mesh, you could even print the same model in the same resin at the same layer thickness across the two printers (and send the mesh to someone else to print on Form2/3).


This is exactly what I did to print the the model on my Form 1+, I exported the supported model as an STL, and simply printed it without generating any supports.

BTW, the print is finished and it looks great. I just need to remove it from the supports later this evening.

Today I will start the same print but on the MP MIni.

@Ike, I don’t have a Moai, I have a Form 1+, and a Monoprice MP Mini. The model was placed into Slic3r and I generated the supports inside that program, then exported the supported model to STL, which is what I printed on the Form 1+.

Update: The MP Mini never got a chance to finish the print because someone, at work, powered off the work bench on which I had the Mini, so it stopped about 1/2" into the build. There’s no apparent way that I can restart it from where it stopped.


The thinner layers are more susceptible to damage which can cause some irregularity to the layers


@IkeI did another post in which I posted a link to the already supported model you asked for. So if you’re interested in printing it, here is the link: