Alternative way to polish for optically clear parts


I’m not sure if this has been posted but wanted to give a tip on how to get optically clear parts. We are making microfluidics devices in our labs and for fun wanted to see if there was a cheap and simple way to polish the parts.

Our polishing steps are:
Wet sand in order with 800, 1000, 1500, 2000
Does not have very long, and alternate the direction each time you change paper.

Next use Brasso metal polish and PEC-Pads, or any low lint soft cloth. Use little circles.
Next use toothpaste with the same technique as the Brasso.
You can finish it off with Novus #1 to clean and protect.

Alternatively, you can use the Novus polish system and achieve similar effects.

I hope this tip helps…


I will try this, thank you.

Out of interest, what grit system are you working with there?

In the past I’ve used toothpaste then Brasso - from dim & distant memory I was under the impression the toothpaste grit size was larger than Brasso’s abrasive.

I really ought to try flame polishing a print to see how it works.

I would suggest that you use T-Cut or Autosol instead of Brasso. The cutting compounds in these are finer than in Brasso.

These are purely suggestions and if there is a better product that is great to know, both suggestions were cheap, and I learned from a person who makes professional models. It’s nice to learn about alternatives.

I have tested the method out and works great, and I have strict requirements since I’m working in a research field. I tried using just using toothpaste and the result with using the Brasso first was far better.

Give it a try and test it out and report back your results.

Remember to use the little circle technique I mentioned. Like buffing your car.